About us

ALASKA Frigomont since 2004 is present in Kosovo market with air conditioning & ventilation system.

Today we are authorized distributor for full range of air conditioning equipment and system of MITSUBISHI
,made with precision and advanced technology which fall into very high quality and
environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, also produce of ventilation systems made from soft & quality
aluminium panels and to finalized project you can find to us also MADEL Diversification of Diffusion and
air control product

Air conditioning product are knowledge for extremely low power consumption, wich means that using lower
operating and maintenance cost.

Maximum attention is focused on our customers to ensure the best conditions for life and work ,to save
energy and protect the environment.

ALASKA Frigomont offer multi split (wall mounted ,ceiling type ,cassette type ,radiator type and duct type) for general use ,professional air conditioning system for special requirements and large air conditioning
systems at City Multi for cooling ,heating and ventilation .In additional air conditioning system and
ventilation we offer also Lossany ( recuperates system) and ventilation duct form soft aluminium panel also
Diffusion and air control product

We provide the assembly of experienced and qualified installers, maintenance and quality repairs service
from our own serviceman .Our mission is to provide favorable living in all places.

Concern for the environment, working with MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, MADEL and VENTILATION
products at the future and find comprehensive solutions for cooling, heating and ventilation .

We realize that service quality is made, professional and responsible attitude to customer satisfaction can
provide the long time.

Thank you for your trust.